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Stan Keith Peskett is an artist who has succeeded in mastering many skills not only as a painter,
but also as an installationist, colorist, muralist, set-designer, and art director.
Peskett was born in Epsom, Surrey, England in 1939. Mentor to David Hockney

David Hockney - Imersive art decades late to the party - the man that Stan built in the 1960s

recently recovered incomplete video with sound Jean Michel Basquiat's firt time off the street mentored by Stan Peskett - click here

welcome to Stan Peskett's official fan site

what you will find beyond this page is very much in development

but to start with you can have a look at what we were up to online in


and what Stan was up to in the real world spanning the three decades before the 90's.

the images on this page are a selection from Stan Peskett's artist's diaries 1974 to 1975

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this page created September 05 and last updated September 05 in the year of the burning man 2004

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